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Digital Marketing to Chinese Consumers

Use China Data to learn about Chinese CONSUMERS:
Use Inbound Marketing to make them YOUR Chinese CUSTOMERS.

When you have a REAL understanding what Chinese consumers want NOW, you are better placed to give it to them... NOW.
Data helps you do this.
Inbound Marketing with GREAT TARGETED content means your marketing message is exactly what Chinese consumers want, becoming your Chinese CUSTOMERS. Marketing is all about finding a need and satisfying it.
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If any of this seems vaguely familiar, it should. It was the the corner store model when the store owner knew about your family. She used this knowledge to provide your mum with goods that she KNEW were useful or needed. Content built on a solid Digital Data foundation helps brands win customers hearts and minds, but the sad truth is...

..... do brands forget the "CUSTOMER" in their metrics today?

Customers are PEOPLE

We hope the rest of this page and others in our site help you understand why marketing in China today is different and gives you some ideas of how you can win the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers to strengthen your brand and increase market share.

Only 25% of brands say they measure ROI on Social Media campaigns, those that do say they only measure or monitor likes or comments. Source: Marketing Land

chart of brands that measure social media

This is incredible when almost 50% of those using content marketing say they gain engagement and brand awareness.

In another survey, 85% of marketers believe that costumer insight is the best potential advantage of social media, yet only 7% of executives utilise it to drive ROI. Source:Social Annex.

chart of what brands gain from social media marketing

But look how brands are choosing to "relate" to customers!

Incredible as it seems, it is largely COMPANY centred self serving "propaganda."

Tell your customers what THEY want to know, not what YOU want them to know

Use Active Digital Intelligence to find out!

This is precisely what many brands, B2B or B2C are NOT doing with the Social campaigns.... or more to the point, what they are not doing is engaging with their customers in a way that customers will respond.

chart how businesses relate to customers

Make TODAY the time you begin to use Digital Intelligence and Content Marketing to deliver what your China customers really want

Activ provides a range of affordable services to help you drive your China marketing message to welcoming hearts and minds.
From Digital Research and Analysis, Closed Loop Marketing, Strategic planning and Web Presence all focused on giving your customers what they really need and want... no guesswork.

Begin by asking yourself what do YOU really want from your China marketing Campaign.

If words like measurable improvements in; brand loyalty, increased customers, lower marketing costs or increased productivity are among them, may we present some ideas and suggestions how by moving to customer centred relationship marketing you can achieve a WIN WIN situation?

Digital intelligence will help you really understand what your fans and customers think of your brand, what are they really saying, behind the visits.

This will also lead you into creating targeted and meaningful content, sending material your customers actually welcome instead of filter to the trash bin.

Better to give than receive

It might take a definite mind shift to move from focusing on what can I get to what can I give, but the results will prove rewarding in the long run.

Don't lose sight of the "The Customer" metric, walk in their shoes to feel what they want, satisfy that need and empower them to do business with you.

Make your Content Interesting:

Apart from adding Digital Intelligence your marketing to better understand what you customers wants and needs are, a couple more ideas might be:

  • Get in touch with your FEMALE side

Globally, women account for or have major input into 80% of purchase decisions, China is no different. Shifting demographics and social change means there is a growing ocean of single, 30 something well educated women with a high disposable income and desire for luxury goods. Women are also at the top in the rich and business list in China, don't shut them out.
It's more than a pretty pink and flowers webpage, that's patronising and female visitors will leave never to return.

This video might help explain what we mean.

  • Educate

Aim to teach consumers new ways to use the product where, rather push selling features, give the customer useful educational in information, new ways to use the product, or dispose of it for environmental protection, [ an extremely HOT and sensitive topic in today's China] ways to make it last longer *GASP* yes, it takes a leap of faith but trust goes both ways into today's digital age.

  • Follow US

With that in mind, we produce a range of information, ranging from articles inside this web site, to our blogs and monthly E-news letter. Hosted by those cheeky monkeys @MAIL CHIMP for your security, we keep it low tech, low brow, low key, informative and useful. You can taste a free sample here.

Look for new Marketing Trends

Don't continue to focus all your eggs on traditional Social channels, sure G+, YouTube,Twitter et al will continue to rank for some time yet, but the highway is becoming mighty crowded.
Look at some of the newer alternatives.

Humans process IMAGES 60,000 times faster than text, [think early cave paintings] which may explain the popularity of PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM?
They do say: "A picture is worth 1000 words," aha, Search Engines can't read images, [yet] but, Search Engines don't buy your goods either. They emphasize "User Experience" and quality content, so find a balance.

an example of Activ Digital's Pinterest board

Today the search that humans do drives search engine, not vice verse, so make your content what PEOPLE want to read. If your content is great, appealing and popular to humans, search engines will soon understand that and rank it accordingly. DO NOT under any circumstances underestimate the importance of SOCIAL NETWORKS in SERPS, esp G+
And, don't forget, BAIDU, the Goddess of search in China WORKS DIFFERENTLY TO GOOGLE, get expert help.
Conclusion: use more images, info-graphics, develop a SERIOUS SMM plan, get help to SEO BAIDU properly.

Think about adding games or competitions to your content, appeal to the child inside your customer.
Not just in APPs, but website, email, anywhere you interact with customers. Activ's Ms Yu and her team used this tactic with VW 2012 Bora Weibo campaign and it was hugely successful.

NATIVE Advertising is a great way to use your digital insights and create a strong, loyal following who actively and willingly "tune in" to your marketing material.
But don't box yourself into mainstream options, there is more to Native Advertising than just SEM, Twitter, Linked-in or Facebook ads.
To make your product stand out, look at some of the cutting edge Native Advertising opportunities

So how much is idealistic theory and does it work?

It's one thing to talk about In Bound Customer Centred Marketing, but what about the real world?
It takes a huge leap of faith to ask you to trust us with your account on the basis of 800 words and half a dozen images, we have already mentioned our involvement with VW BORA, so, let's look at another case study

2012 and FORD wanted to release their new Ford Focus to the China new car buyers, but with just over 2% of the China automobile market Ford was in for a struggle with the big boys.
So the question was, how to take a bigger share of the market and stay within budget?

Watch the video opposite to see how they went about this and the results.

There's no better time than NOW to tell your brand story

To reach the hearts and minds of a China consumer seeking quality goods.
To build REAL connections based on understanding.
To build deep emotional bonds to win their loyalty and support
To create your own ARMY of Chinese Brand Ambassadors
To enrich and add value to their lifestyle.

The Chinese consumer has changed, is more aware, more particular, more affluent and more demanding, and continuing to demand more. To them, your product indicates they have achieved a certain level, status, and that and how people see them is what is important. So they want to know what will your product do for them, why should they buy it.
Research has proven Chinese fans will respond positively to brands that develop a genuine and sincere relationship and any mention on Chinese Social Media will weigh very heavily in the buying decision.

local Chinese marketing companies will always have the advantage
  • Our philosophy and attitude
Peter Bicknell,is one of the original founders of what is now WP-Activ back in 2004.

He is passionate believer in the power of digital and what good data coupled with content marketing and social Media can do for businesses in China. He has a nagging suspicion that the western based marketing model is not working well in China's digital age.

At WP-Activ we like to work ahead of the curve, looking at trends and how we can incorporate them. We’re a customer driven team of energetic, skilled, creative people working in a collaborative environment. We don't try to cover the entire marketing field, but focus on doing a few things well with emphasis on data to empower end users. The greatest compliment comes from passionate fans and believers. We blend European and Asian culture in a flat, co-operative network which enables us to tackle most problems and yet still be able to move and change quickly with the times.

This is not a hard sell site but rather informative, to deepen brands understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese consumers, to offer inspiration on how marketing in China can [and should] be done differently and effectively and return measurable results on their China marketing investment.

China is now awash with digital information, it is not static, constantly changing quickly, not always easy to know what is current and what is fake.Our aim is to provide, honest, cutting edge information and services to help you get ahead in China Marketing. If you have any questions about marketing to Chinese, or the China marketing scene, would like a free, no obligation [and me mean it] estimate or advice, please contact us.

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