China Online Marketing

What Do We Do?

Focus our skills in Data, Tech, Digital Strategy, Cross Media Operation and Content to help you position your Brand in front of finely targeted Chinese Consumers wanting to buy your product. We save you time, we save you money, we train your team to be self reliant and independent.

We have skills in:

  • Web Development
  • APP Creation and Marketing
  • Creative Content
  • Video Production / Digital Imagery
  • Data Analysis

We offer a complete Digital Marketing tool kit helping you maximise your China On Line Presence; since 2004

Business Model

Our Key Directors

Everlyne Yu: CEO
Digital Strategy

Everlyne Yu: Activ CEO, Strategist, Planner.
  • Integrated Digital Strategy
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Operation
  • Content Marketing
  • EDM / CRM
  • Marketing Optimisation

Kim: Digital, IT, Tech
Product Development

 Kim:Activ director, Digital product development, website, software, app
  • Web Design E-Commerce Development
  • APP
  • Database Development
  • Integrated Marketing Plugins

Jade: Mobile, E-comm
Cross Media Operation:

 Jade:ACTIV Direcotr-Content, cross media operation, E-commerce
  • Wechat
  • Weibo
  • Youku
  • Douban
  • BBS

When you are ready to talk to a serious China Digital Marketing Company: We are ready to listen

Who are we?

Not a consultancy, not an agency, not a try to be everything company. WP was founded as WPbeijing in 2004 by an Englishman and a Chinese woman living in Beijing to include a small Group of Marketing professionals with expertise in different fields who pool their talent to provide a unique and outstanding China Digital marketing experience.
Our aim : to co-operate to provide honest, expert Marketing Services to China based businesses.
In 2012 the original founders spun off ACTIV, a re active Digital Marketing Studio specialising in MOBILE marketing which also acts as the HUB for the WP group drawing on the WP Groups wide skill, expertise and knowledge base for support. We provide turn key Digital Solutions or can tailor a bespoke marketing campaign designed around your specific needs and budget. From campaign strategic planning to web products, to content, we have the expertise and creative know-how to deliver results.
A Data Driven Content Marketing philosophy drives everything we do.
We do not believe in off the peg results, long contracts, retainers or having you dependent on us forever.

Why Use us?

Sometimes, when chatting to clients I have the impression that Digital Marketing is seen as something new, difficult and challenging. Whilst the last 2 may have some ring of truth, I don't believe it is really new. MARKETING as such as been with us since the first humans traded eggs for apples, the premise was:
find a need and satisfy it. So in that regard, Digital isn't new, but the tools we use are.
Likewise, businesses have been using MARKETING companies (or agencies) for decades, for time and cost efficiency or to compliment their in house marketing department with a specialist skill set. I don't really see anything has changed.
So some of the reasons you may wish to invite us to work with you are the same, maybe to save you time, (you don't have your own marketing department yet) or cost, (saves you payroll) or to add certain Digital skills that your existing in house marketing team may lack. Each and every client has their own reasons for wanting to engage us, but usually they revolve around those three.
Any industry has it's share of cheats and pretenders, marketing is no exception, Digital just made it a little more difficult to tell the good guys from the bad..we only have to think back to SEO and the various scams. Mix CHINA into that and all the horror stories associated and it is little wonder that many firms are cautious of smaller studios [like us] when doing business in China.
But business is, always has been and always will be a risk, and in China, local firms, with local people and local knowledge very often do have the advantage. We have been around since 2004, [I started this biz back in 2003], we have cut our teeth here, we know what we are doing and have built a good reputation. Sure, our client list doesn't call out every Fortune 500 company, unlike some of our competitors, but they are all real, and all true.
So, if you are in, or thinking about the China Market for your product and wondering if a Digital Marketing Company is a time and cost effective option in China, why not just ask us? We will give you a straight up, honest answer. Then it's up to you to decide if a Digital Marketing Company will save you time, money and increase your Brands presence infront of Chinese Consumers. If you are still undecided, below are a few more reasons why you should think about inviting us to be part of your Marketing to Chinese Team.

Sensible, Flexible Solutions

We do not try to push you into an expensive, long term contract. Talk with us and create a bespoke solution together. We work with you, helping train your team to take over.

Multi-lingual Local

We are Native Chinese and European based in China, we know China, China Digital Marketing. We are at the bleeding edge. Our Director and founder is a native Englishman with a foot in both cultures. He has oversight on all accounts.

Reliability, Trust, Proven Track Record

We are a registered Beijing Company, and let's be blunt, China is known for some sharp practices. We save you time, resources, stress and heartache and money.

Trusted by these Brands since 2004

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What do our customers say?

We engaged Activ to help us with WeChat development and Management. We found the team professional, knowledgeable and experienced and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable digital marketing company in China. Mandy Qian, Director, Marketing & Communications. China Cushman & Wakefield

How to contact us?

Call us on 86- 010 614-385-48 or talk to us personally:186-1176-5649 Or Send Email.

Where are we?

Conveniently close to Beijing Airport, China Expo Centre, Crown Plaza Airport Hotel [among many others] and Tianzu Business Zone in the Beijing Airport Hi Tech area.
We live in room 816, Tower 8, 10 Yumin Road, FLYTOWN complex, [next to Green Tree Inn] Taxi may take the north route, [green dots] that's fine, same time and distance.
directions to reach active digital

Still have questions?

We understand, we live and work here :>)
You probably want to see if we are real, what we can and can't do or if it's worth presenting your product in China? Maybe you worry about language, or Baidu or SEO or are you thinking about web development, an APP or Wechat? We are here to help, so drop us a line or, take an indepth look at our Solutions for Marketing to Chinese Consumers.

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