• Founded in 2003~ 04, registered in 2005, we are a Beijing based, multi lingual Data Driven Inbound Marketing Company. Some firms grow by taking others over, we grow by combining the skills and talents of Digital professionals.
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        We use data to understand your Chinese customers better so you can target them with marketing material you know they want .
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      • Understand Consumers Better

        Data Based Consumer Insights Dive all Marketing and Operational Functions

        Improve Customer Communication

        Provide Customers Relevant, Meaningful, Personalised Content.

        Build Customer Loyalty

        Win the Battle for Customers Hearts and Grow Your China Sales

        Dawn of a new Era: China Data Driven Inbound Marketing

        Data Driven Marketing

        Digital Intelligence is the collection and in-depth analysis of digital data from mobile devices giving valuable insight into how consumers, relate to brands and products, how they interact with various social media and what their real needs are. In other words, we are listening to what you customers want and need and help you satisfy their needs.

        Inbound Marketing?

        Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy with a focus on quality content, to draw or pull people to your product as it is something in which they are already interested and need. Brands use Digital Intelligence to build a profile of visitors and, based on that profile, provide meaningful, relevant marketing content they know the consumer is searching for.

        China Tourist Marketing

        A growing number of Chinese tourists are not satisfied with simply taking photos in front of the landmarks and shopping for luxury goods. Many prefer in-depth travel packages to spend several days in one place to explore the city, visit the museums and gain greater knowledge about its history.

        There is now a trend away from "novelty"" travel to "value" based tourism, Chinese Tourists are now aware, experienced and demand higher quality and value for money.

        Marketing to Chinese Consumers

        Jan 2014, China has 618+ million Internet users, an increase of about 9% from 2012, some 4 hundred million Chinese use smart phones, about 80% of total web users.

        28 million Chinese no longer microblogg, the first-ever dip in numbers on the back of demand for mobile instant messaging apps such as WeChat, the country's top Weibo apps lost nearly 6 million users in 2013. The Chinese online community may be losing interest in microblogs, but it is spending more money shopping on the Internet.

        Integrated Marketing

        Our philosophy is that data, social, CLM, SEO, SEM, and inbound work together revolving around your customers. We provide an holistic, integrated approach to Digital marketing in China. We lead in the believe that if what we say or do is interesting, relative and honest, others will follow us through the wall into digital enlightenment.

        China Closed Loop Marketing [CLM]

        With CLM, when fans notice a company is listening to what they say, what they want, it strengthens their loyalty to that brand. This closer relationship then helps you learn more about the them, improving your service, product, advertising...it goes on and on, and.. LOOPS!

        China Social Media Marketing

        Social Media: different things to different people. For Social Media Marketing to be effective, is just opening a blog or signing up to WeiXin or Youku enough? Of course not! Yet this is what many brands do. To be effective it needs to be data driven, then you can exploit the data to maximise your customer engagement, otherwise it is just a pretty page with no depth and not much use.

        Internet Interface

        Today, a website is expected to be user friendly, multifunctional, multi device capable, look as good on smart phones as on a wall LED screen. It needs to E-SELL, E-INFORM, E-DUCATE, E-NTERTAIN, REDIRECT as well as integrate with other aspects of Digital Marketing such as SOCIAL and CONTENT. It SHOULD load quickly and be well organised. And to think, some people call it:"just a website!"

        APP [Development and Management]

        We could have listed APP with Internet Interface but in China APP [or APPS] work a little differently. For starters, Chinese do not like paying for APP so it is very unlikely you can make money directly from it. You need good management to earn from ads. There are also certain issues with copies and software to circumvent the download stores system, so again, our professional management will save you time and money.

        Web Optimisation: for Baidu

        Apart from the things opposite, your Internet Interface needs to be found by search engines and shown to potential clients seeking your product. There was once a time when SEO was a dirty word, but thanks to "Content Marketing" and very clever search engines, it is gaining respectability as Web Presence Optimisation. In China Baidu is King and some things need to be done differently if you are to survive.

        Search Engine Marketing [SEM ]

        China Digital is a crowded arena, even with the best website and professional SEO there is an awful lot of competition on the Chinese Internet. SEO is a long term investment, SEM more "Instant," similar to Adwords, but, with a Chinese twist. It is more than just language difference, Baidu, like Chinese consumers, think differently so you need help from people who can get best value for your click money. For a free estimate, call us: # 86-186-1176-5649

        About WP-Activ

        WP-Activ is a Data Driven, In-bound Digital Marketing Company. A Consortium of experts with many years of industry experience in their chosen field fusing the skills, talent and disciplines of International and Chinese professionals bound by a common aim: the success of our clients by providing full service, integrated Digital Intelligence Marketing. [DIM]

        A Brief Portfolio

        A selection of the wonderful people who we have worked with since 2004

        image of Beijing from airThe background image for this page is courtesy of Jason Jang. See more of his stunning images here.
        chart of brands that measure social mediaSupporting role in implementation of national media PR strategy for Midea brand range of small home appliances.
        chart of brands that measure social mediaMulti channel nation wide marketing campaign to assert KBoxing as China's leading men's jacket brand
        chart of brands that measure social mediaMarket research and media release:ascertain popularity of 4wd utility vehicles in mainstream China auto market
        chart of brands that measure social mediaA short, intensive market research to test the viability of AVG launching in China
        chart of brands that measure social mediaResearch and analysis of prevailing government policies re the China prosthesis market
        chart of brands that measure social mediaCompetitor and market research project relating to China shredder market
        chart of brands that measure social mediaSupporting role in release of new model, Bora, CC and Magatan, Data Driven, Interactive Social Media centered.
        chart of brands that measure social mediaYanjun Auto: Corporate website plus 6 mini site make over. Brief was to create a site that reflects their luxury car image
        chart of brands that measure social mediaAny Where Style, an intensive WEIXIN campaign aimed at increasing awareness and fan base. Involving Video production and WEIXIN management
        chart of brands that measure social mediaMakeover for Chinese website to international standards, included translation, key word analysis and SEO