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China Social Media

Everyone wants to be on WECHAT, the reigning Queen of Social media in China. Wechat is important but do you know the others? Maybe one of them might be more targeted to your China Digital Marketing efforts. Try our FREE evaluation service for more ideas.

Data Driven Marketing

Forget Big Data, how you use it is more important than size. DATA drives your Digital Marketing, yielding vital information about consumers needs and wants. Learn how data helps you understand customers better.

Closed Loop Marketing

Collect and analyse trends in real time as they interact with your campaign; refine and modify your content to reflect their needs. Closed Loop builds Business Intelligence.

Content Marketing

From Data and Closed Loop we know your consumers likes and wants. Now we create content that we know is of use and interest to her. She will become a loyal fan, more willing to open her purse. Learn how Content Marketing builds lasting relationships.

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Who is Activ?

Not a consultancy, not an agency, not a try to everything company. As part of WP Group, Activ is a Data Driven Content Marketing Studio focusing on what we know, love and do with a passion turning to our WP partners with expertise in supporting digital disciplines. We do not believe in off the peg results, long contracts, retainers or having you dependent on us forever.

How to contact Activ?

You can call us on 86- 010 614-385-48 or talk to Everlyne personally:186-1176-5649 Or Email us [opposite].

Where are we?

Conveniently close to Beijing Airport, China Expo Centre, Crown Plaza Airport Hotel [among many others] and Tianzu Business Zone in the Beijing Airport Hi Tech area. We live in room 816, Tower 8, 10 Yumin Road, FLYTOWN complex, [next to Green Tree Inn] Taxi may take the north route, [green dots] that's fine, same time and distance.

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