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Religious Organizations

Proper stewardship, governance, and management are critical for religious organizations and their congregations.

CLA helps implement strong internal controls and increase the efficiency of processes and programs.

What’s on your mind?

  • The economy
  • Demonstrating accountability and transparency
  • Aligning your mission and capabilities with community needs
  • Planning for the future based on changing demographics and culture
  • Complying with regulations in a complex and aggressive tax environment
  • Understanding the practical and legal issues involved in volunteer governance
  • Training and developing staff

A unique approach

CLA can help you strengthen your religious organization by clarifying the issues you face. Our nonprofit CPAs and consultants have extensive experience working with more than 1,000 diverse religious organizations, including churches, denominations, diocese, religious orders, synagogues, retreat centers, schools (preschool through grade 12, colleges, universities, and seminaries), foundations, publishing, ministries, and outreach entities. We serve small, local congregations as well as $1 billion organizations.

Our professionals value teamwork and flexibility. Together, we’ll explore a mission-driven approach to future opportunities.

Services for religious organizations